FAQ Diving Equipment

Answers to common questions about diving equipment, what kind of gas mixtures we can fill, how much weight you need, etc.

We offer a full equipment rental, mask, regulator, BCD, 7mm wetsuit with booties, fins and a dive computer.

A 7mm wetsuit with a hood is highly recommended, the water temperatures are above 20 Celsius in the shallows but are between 16 and 18 Celsius deeper then 20 meters.

All our tanks are standard DIN but we do have yoke inserts. We also have M-26 Oxygen valves but we do need you to ask for them at least 7 days in advance. 

Adriatic sea has a very high salt content, coupled with the use of thicker wetsuits a lot of people underestimate the amount of weight they will need. We recommend you start somewhere between 8 to 10 kg for your first dive with us and adjust according to how  you feel best, our guides will often have additional weights for you if you need them.

Yes we can, our booster pump is capable of mixing any nitrox or trimix you need just make sure to order it a day in advance. 

Yes you can. Make sure to book them at least a week in advance.