Diving Packages

For all those who like to explore every nook and cranny

  • 6-dives package- € 185
  • 10-dives package- € 300
  • 12-dives package- € 330


  • 6-tech dives package- € 215
  • 10-tech dives package- € 350 



Snorkeling Tour

You don’t need to be a certified diver in order to experience cristal clear waters around Vis island. Snorkeling Vis is for everyone who feels comfortable in water and has the adventurous spirit. 

Freediving with the Champ

How often do you have a chance to train with one of the greats of the sport? 

Dive and learn with Veljano and discover how deep can you really go. 

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Please list any diving certifications held

Private dive:
Design your own experience!

Would you like to have diving boat on your disposal? Wanna pick your next dive spot on your own?


Be a Captain and Divemaster!

  • VIP / Private / On-request dive - € 100-200