When 3000 liters of air is just not enough. 

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Best wreck diving the Adriatic has to offer

Vis island is the best land based location for wreck diving in the Adriatic and possibly the world. 
Sporting 10 shipwrecks, 5 plane wreck and countless walls in the 40-120m range, all less then a hour boat ride away, there is enough variety to satisfy any deep diving enthusiast.


Rebreather Support

As rebreather divers ourselfs we know what you need. We offer full rebreather support with absorbent and 3l tanks available for rent. 


Boosting station

Our experienced gas mixing staff along with the reliable Dragger U300DS 300 bar booster are always there to get your desired mix, weather it's just nitrox for that little bit of extra bottom time or high helium mixes for the most demanding expedition dives.  

Ready to dive?

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