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SDI intro

Scuba Diving International, founded in 1998, is the world premier diving association. 

Created by some of the worlds best technical divers to offer diving knowledge applicable in any environment or dive site. 
Emphasizing safety and skill our experienced instructors will make sure to equip you with everything necessary to enjoy your time under water.

SDI Scuba diving courses prices


  • Open Water Scuba Diver - 400€
  • Advanced Open Water Diver - 400€
  • Rescue Diver - 300€
  • Master Scuba Diver - 350€
  • Divemaster - 600€
  • Speciality (Nitrox, Deep, Dry Suit) - 230€
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First step in scuba diving is the Open Water Diver certification. 

In it you will learn how to prepare and use your equipment, behave underwater and safely plan your own dives. 
When finished you will be a official scuba diver capable of diving up to 20 meters deep anywhere in the world!

Octopuses and squids have copper-based blood instead of iron-based blood, which is why their blood is blue rather than red.

Have you seen octopus in natural habitat?
Would you like to?

Learn scuba diving with us and enjoy underwater world with your own eyes.



Advanced Open Water Diver is a certification that builds on your knowledge of underwater skills and takes them to another level. 

Gas consumption, buoyancy control and equipment understanding are the main goals of this course making it possible for you to safely dive to 30 meters and beyond. 
With the help of our instructors you will be able to overcome all challenges and make yourself into a living, breathing, diving machine.

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Rescue diver, a certification that you would rather have and never use. 

Underwater world, as beautiful as it is is harsh. In cases of things going wrong the difference between them just going wrong and going really wrong is in people who have took it upon themselves to learn the Rescue skills. You will learn how to act fast and responsible in any dangerous situation that might happen underwater be it to yourself or your dive buddy. 

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