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Learning to explore the sea on one breath brings self discipline

Freediving can be simple. You close your eyes, take a deep breath and push yourself down.

Once you are ready for something more you will take a mask so you can see more clearly, take fins so you can move faster, put on a wetsuit so you extend your time immersed in the water.

But that primal feeling from your first dive will never leave. 
Freediving is as much about chasing that feeling as is about conquering depths. 

Freediving equipment

While you don't need any, equipment makes freediving more fun and safe.

B-24 Diving Center has a large selection of masks and fins to satisfy most people who need equipment rentals.

With every freedive trip you get a instructor for free. 

Freediving is also called apnea, a Greek word meaning “without air”

Weather you are using it to explore the underwater world or your own thoughts it offers a feeling quite unlike many others. Freediving is a lifestyle rather than a sport.


We would recommend making your booking at least a few days ahead of time to guarantee your spot.

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Freediving courses pricelist

  • AIDA F** – 250 €
  • AIDA F*** – 300 €
  • AIDA F**** – 400 €
  • Training – 40 € *

Included in every course: buoy, rope, transport

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If you want to see how deep you can go Veljano will guide you on your journey.

Freediving training in the B-24 Diving Center consist of a stretching workshop right in the dive center. After that we board a fast rib boat and go to one of our spots depending on your desired depth. Buoy, rope and lanyard are of course included. 

With some instruction and proper relaxation technique you will see your full potential under safe conditions monitored by our instructors or Veljano himself.

Ready to have some great time? Book now!

Vis island with it's warm and clear waters offers some of the best freediving spots in the world along with Veljano Zanki, ex world champion, and his well trained team.

Please list any diving certifications held