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PBY Catalina 0A-10A

  • Depth: 90m → 94m
  • Entry: boat
  • Type: airplane wreck

Near to the island of Sveti Andrija, Croatia.

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On 12 of September 1944 Catalina and her crew was trying to pick up five crew members of USAF bomber B-24 ; S/N 41-28762, which bailed out from their machine. 

Catalina`s commander despited the order of Flying Control for deny landing at the rouge sea and strong northeast wind. Successfully collected 5 of B-24`s crew members. 

Unfortunately waves were too high to make taking off possible. Ignored that fact Catalina tried to take off. Having high speed at the water airplane was hit by the wave into nose turret and broke the impermeable barrier. In result taking off was aborted.

By the broken front part, big waves shortly filled hull of the aircraft by the water and Catalina sunk near to Sveti Andrija Island.

All crew members of Catalina plus 5 survivors from B-24 Liberator were rescued by the motor gunboat HSL 2537.

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94 meters under the sea

Presently wreck of the PBY Catalina is resting at the sandy seabed 94 meters under sea surface. The hull of the airplane is broken behind rear shooter windows. Tail is missed. One wing is broken, engines - fallen down off their wing mounts. Main part of the hull is well preserved with nice visible shape of nose turret, pilots cockpit and of corse landing gear still untouched remaining in their slots in fuselage.