Fortunal Wreck

  • Depth: 35m → 51m
  • Entry: boat

Type: Modern fishing trawler
Size: 19x4x8m 
Sunk: 10. April 1997. 


"Fortunal" unfortunately did not live up to it's name. It struck the coast in 1997 due to navigational error and sunk in just a few minutes. Now it lies upright on the north side of island Vis. 

Notable: Fortunal is still filled with fishing gear and crew belongings so it offers us a a nice window into the daily life of fisherman, as well as a look at massive Scorpion Fishes that litter the wreck today. 


Best deco stop on the island.

As we are swimming from the Fortunal to the boat at 6 meters depth we notice a large entrance in the coast. This is a portal to a 50 meter long tunnel that goes from 6 to 3 meters depth and is filled with tiny shrimp, scorpion fish and forkbeards. If you take a look above your heads you will also notice a number of stalactites that formed long ago when the cave was dry.