Brioni Wreck

  • Depth: 45m → 61m
  • Entry: boat
  • Descent Line: Yes

Type: Steam passanger/cargo ship
Size: 70m 
Sank: 2. February 1930.


Steam passager ship Brioni is one of the best preserved shipwrecks in the Adriatic of that period. Nobody is sure why it's wooden decks and bulkheads are still intact but we are not complaining. 

Notable: The ships cargo was bottles of wine, they can still be found by the best of wreck explorers deep withing the ship. 


Brionis Interior

All the doors and hatches on Brioni were not made of teak wood like it's floors and walls so they have rotted away offering us a insight into it's engine room, kitchen and large saloon without actually penetrating the wreck.