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B-24H Liberator "Lady Luck"

  • Depth: 86m → 93m
  • Entry: boat
  • Descent Line: Yes

Type: Heavy Bomber  

Size: 22*33 m

Armaments: 10*50 cal M2 Browning machine guns

Propulsion: 4 x 1200hp P&W Twin Wasp R-1830-65 14cylinder air-cooled

Crashed: 19.11.1944

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Belloning to 827th bomber squadron of the 484th bomber group.the “Lady Luck” received her orders and left from a Moroccan airfield on the morning of 19th November 1944. Arriving to it’s target near Vienna it got hit by flak. Miraculously the pilot managed to get it all the way to the emergency airfield on Vis but the only landing strip was being repaired from another crash landing. After losing control the aircraft struck the water just east of Biševo island. The pilot, Lt. Henry T. Miller was the only survivor out of the 10 man crew.