B-24 Diving Center along with wreck hunters Dražen Gorički, Leo Lusić and Uroš Jelić documented the wreck of B-24H Liberator "Lady Luck" after another diving team identified it.

The fate of many airplanes from WW2 are not confirmed, but during 2017 the story of B-24H 42-52774 and it’s missing crew was finally uncovered.

Belloning to 827th bomber squadron of the 484th bomber group.the “Lady Luck” received her orders and left from a Moroccan airfield on the morning of 19th November 1944. Arriving to it’s target near Vienna it got hit by flak. Miraculously the pilot managed to get it all the way to the emergency airfield on Vis but the only landing strip was being repaired from another crash landing. After losing control the aircraft struck the water just east of Biševo island. The pilot, Lt. Henry T. Miller was the only survivor out of the 10 man crew.

Around the island of Vis many wrecks are well hidden from the eye of a casual observer. But to fisherman the sea bed is like a open book, they spend so much time around it that they know where everything is and so when a fisherman tells you he found a plane you listen to him.

After the first expeditions found and identified the wreck it was our turn to document it thoroughly.

The dive team was the well known wreck hunters Dražen Gorički, Leo Lusić and Uroš Jelić while the surface support was done by Veljano Zanki and Vicko Gracin of the B-24 Diving Center Team.
The plane was found to rest at 90 meters, a depth that leaves no space for minor mistakes.
All the gasses were filled a day in advance, and Megalodon and JJ rebreathers were tested and retested countless times.

Position of the wreck is only a 1 hour drive away from the B-24 Diving Center, just enough time to put on the suits and get all the details sorted.