Veljano Zanki

Croatian Static and Dynamic Apnea Champion

7.4.2018 in Zagreb

B-24 Diving Center

Opens Diving Center, 1.7.2015 in Komiža   

Third Place in Fazza Championship

8 minutes 23 seconds 13.3.2014 in Dubai

Croatian Constant Weight Record

107m, 13.10.2013 in Bahamas

Croatian Static Apnea Record

9 minutes 12 seconds, 13.1.2013 in Split

CMAS Croatian Champion

170m Jump Blue 1.7.2012 in Dubrovnik

First Croat in the 100m Club

No Limits 19.10.2008 in Komiža

First Constant Weight record

Record dive at 76m in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

First dive

Made his frist freedive in Komiža

Born in Split

Story begins here

Veljano Zanki
Freediving World Champion



The facts that the owner of the Diving Center B-24 Veljano Zanki is a native of Komiža, world champion freediver, and is familiar with the local waters more than anyone else, are certainly the best reference qualifying him as an ideal instructor and guide.

He set his first record back in 2007 and he has been constantly challenging himself, breaking his own records ever since.

Constant Weight with Fins

Constant Weight with Fins is considered the queen of freediving, physically the most intensive disciple that makes the diver rely fully on his own body. You take a big last breath and swim your way down until you reach a state of weightlessness, and then without a twitch you sink down faster and faster, the feeling is as close to flying as human beings can get without the aid of technology. And then you reach your destination and a arduous swim back to the surface begins.

Veljano favors this discipline by far and chases the feeling of flying, all the way down to 107m puting him up there with other greats of this sport.

Static Apena

Static Apena is a true show of mind over matter. By using special meditative techniques you make one breath last much longer then what should be possible. The first few minutes go by in bliss and then your own body starts to fight you, forcing your abdomen and ribs to contract, first whispering but soon screaming to you to BREATHE. And you say no.

Veljano became one of the best at saying no to himself and now holds the record with incredible 9 minutes 42 seconds.

No limits freediving

No limits is a all in discipline in freediving. You hang on to a metal sled that weighs 50+ kilos and let it carry you into the dark depths. To go back you have to turn on a scuba tank and let the air balloons carry you up, while under heavy nitrogen narcosis that affects your reasoning the same way a bottle of vodka would. It’s considered the most dangerous of the Apnea disciplines with a high chance of incurring decompression illness that can leave you paralyzed or worse.

You can imagine then the amount of mental constitution and physical readiness Veljano had to have to attempt and successfully complete his 110m record while only being 24 years old.

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