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About Komiža

Komiža is a small fishing town located on the western shores of Vis island right under Mount Hum, third highest peak in the Adriatic Archipelago.

It’s history has been intertwined with the sea and its inhabitants for a millenia , being one of the most prominent sardine exporters in Europe. Now it’s a quiet little place, it’s fish factories long closed and it’s fishing boats exchanging their nets for adventuring tourists.

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The town is the living embodiment of the “Pomalo” school of life so prominent in the Dalmatian culture. It’s harbour has plenty of cafes and restaurants and the little intricate streets hide many artisanal “konoba”, family owned cozy little holes in the wall that offer anything from excellent home made wines to world class gourmet meals, cooked just the way Mama used to do it.  

There are many things to do here, to say that the islands history is rich would be a understatement. The island was under rule by the Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Russians, English, French, Austrians and Italians.

All of those people have made their marks...

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The most prominent landmarks are the Saint Nicholas monastery or “Muster”, the Venetian fortress right in the harbour “Komuna” that now serves as a fishing museum, English forts “Saint George” and “Washington”. The island is also hollow from all the tunnels and bomb shelters that the Yugoslav government dug all around the island, now they stand empty and open to all willing to brave their depths.

The natural wonders are the most interesting, the 3 incredible caves, “Blue Cave”, “Monk Seal Cave” and the “Green Cave” are a must see, along with the high cliffs that surround the island.
“Stiniva” bay and it’s canyon are a sight to behold and the fields in the middle of the island teaming with wineries offer the perfect respite during your stay.

And then we have the underwater world…

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