Diving Center Equipment

Our Coltri compressor

Coltri's largest breathing air compressor

The center has a completely new diving equipment. A Coltri MCH-36 capable of filling a tank in minutes and a Drager booster pump ready to fill any kind of technical gas.


Diving boat

The fast and comfortable 12 meter dive boat serves as the primary transportation. 

Along with a 5 meter fast rib boat capable of reaching any dive spot in minutes.

equipment scuba suits mares

Scuba diving equipment

Mares Rover 7mm suit

A one piece neoprene thermo wetsuit keeps you warm no matter what with it’s innovative 2 seam and rugged cut make sure that the suit sticks to your body and keeps you warm.


Mares Rover BCD

This innovative BCD is designed to be used in dive centers. Hard plastic backplate and a one piece bladder make sure that it does not fail you when you need it the most and the comfortable harness with multiple strap settings keeps it snug and tight to your body in any orientation.

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Mares Masks

Mares rover line of masks comes in 2 sizes and  offers the most comfort possible with it’s silicone skirt and soft adjustable strap while keeping safety at the highest possible level with it’s hardened plastic shell and tempered glass.


Mares Rover 2s regulator set

Mares workhorse regulator has been proven in many dive centers all across the world. The piston first stage makes it easy to service and almost impossible to fail while the second stage balance makes it breath easy even at greater depths.


Mares Avanti Tre Open Fin

The most popular fin in the world is here with us also, it’s combination of materials make the blade give maximum thrust with little effort while the foot pocket made from rubber ensures that it never breaks.

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Faber Tanks

What is there to say about Faber, the biggest and best manufacturer of steel tanks in the world.


We can offer you wide selection:

  • 12L HP doubles
  • 12L HP single tanks
  • 15L HP single tanks
  • 18L HP single tanks


Do you need something else? Drop us a line and we well do our best!